Living a Dream 48x48 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Living a Dream 48x48

     When approached by long time collectors to create a painting that would reflect upon and forever preserve the memories of their treasured 2019 Tuscan vacation, Ford welcomed the opportunity. Having spent months in Italy over many years, along with his own Italian heritage, he felt particularly qualified to conjure Tuscany's allure and heavenly views.
     While his collectors described other wonderful experiences with Italian culture and scenery during their holiday, they kept returning to the heart-stopping views from their al fresco dining table each day at sunset.
     They passionately recalled the soaring skies, rolling hills and orderly vineyards that surrounded the special inn where they stayed, their vista bordered by delicate wisteria, as they enjoyed a favorite bottle of wine.
Their senses were forever altered by the profound beauty of this landscape; their hearts forever fused by a shared sense of joy.
Ford listened, and their painting began to form in his mind before he ever entered the studio. His goal was to create a work of art that transcended quintessential Tuscan-themed paintings while elevating and sustaining the sentiment, atmosphere and appeal of their Italian holiday.
     Because his distinctive style of painting is intuitive, fluid and normally without any references, the process of a Ford Smith commissioned painting is very simple. Our clients do not want to direct or manage their painting--preferring the artist's unfettered imagination to influence the art.
     Ford carefully listens to what the client loves about his work and what their palette and size considerations are, then he absorbs their specific scene or idea and begins to paint. He shows them the first concept or "bones" of the painting, then mid-way once again, and then one final approval before varnishing. The typical response from collectors who see the work in development is "Keep going, Ford!"
     From the very beginning, this resplendent original painting surpassed our collector's expectations. With tears in her eyes, she told him "this painting is truly, uniquely us" and that their new painting was "an ideal figment of our imagination".

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