Golden Voice 30x30

"Golden Voice" by Ford Smith.  Original painting in acrylics  (30"x30")

Giving a visual voice to radiant serenity, Ford conceived this original painting with a cool and restorative palette of dewy greens, golds and a dusting of pale blues.  Allow yourself to take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  This detailed scene from nature resonates with positive energy, fresh perspectives and a healing aura. 

You'll find yourself lingering on the innumerable fine points of this luminous painting. Every square inch of paint on canvas is a note in this viewable song from nature.  The myriad mosaics in the trees, the ethereal light lifting the feathered clouds, serpentine roots, the meandering reflections in the lazy waters... all classic Ford Smith elements that come together in rare form, coolly breezing past trademark red hues and alights upon this fresh and idyllic scene.  

Collections: Original Paintings

Category: 30"x30"

Type: Original Painting

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