Fevered Dreams 24 x 18

Original Painting in Acrylics on Canvas 24" x 18"

Yes, the summer has been blazingly hot, but the soothing (and cooler) warmth of fall isn't far away. In this new original painting, Ford dabbles in pastel highlights that contrast against a myriad of deep, scarlet hues. The result is a dream-like statement of passionate accord.

"Fevered Dreams" is a rare work-of-art from Ford that features a mosaic theme cohabiting with a transcendental smattering of splashes. The drowsy golden sun invites Ford to work his lighting magic across the entire landscape (it's worth noting that he uses no references but gets it so right).

"Fevered Dreams" is among Ford's newest paintings and is both a dazzling and intense perspective that perfectly demonstrates the quintessential and imaginative nature of Ford Smith. 


Category: 24" x 18", Vertical

Type: Original Painting