Faraway Places 16 x 20 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Faraway Places 16 x 20

Original Painting in Acrylics on Canvas 16" x 20"

This is a painting that has the power to make you think, soothe and sigh. Through the gift of his imaginative mind, Ford interprets a lakeside scene in such a way that it actually infuses you with a sense of both elation and contentment. Don't let the modest size of "Faraway Places" fool you. This original work of art has a bold resonation that you'd find in a much larger piece. Interestingly (and counter to what we are accustomed to seeing from the artist who takes creative license with most palettes), the trees are myriad hues of green and the skies are dominated by fiery, sunset reds--like nature intended. But then you look closer and see the trademark Ford Smith elements with shocks of turquoise, blue and bands of purple hiding in plain sight. He takes a more loose and expressionist approach with the composition, effecting a relaxed aura amongst the vivid colors.

It's also worth noting that while Ford's paintings are alive with nature, it's a rare painting that shows signs of a human element. With the distant harbor lights in "Faraway Places", you feel its presence. You can almost hear a faint camaraderie of friends gatherings along the lake at cocktail hour.


Category: 16" x 20", Horizonal

Type: Original Painting