Edge of Desire 30x24

Original Painting in Acrylics on Canvas
35" x 29" framed dimensions (included in price)
This barely-concealed, fiery and seductive beauty willingly captures the viewer with her quietly impassioned and knowing gaze.  Her scarlet mane waves from the grove of mosaic trees portrays a wanton contrast to the calm intent and patience of her lush stare.  
Ford divides the surreal and the abstract with a horizon line of lips and rocks, leaving the viewer to wonder if she's rising or falling with the sky.  In classic Ford Smith style, the waters shimmer and undulate in a labyrinthine of mosaics, revealing the labor intensive detail of each mosaic with layers and dots of studied, vibrant hues.  This artistical work from Ford is alive with meaning and fascination.  
Those who know Ford's work recognize this painting as a significant harbinger, as he continues to push the boundaries of landscape interpretation. "Edge of Desire" further demonstrates his insatiable artistic prowess and mastery of the genre.
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