Hypnotic Dash 48x36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Hypnotic Dash 48x36

The magic is real. 

Bathed in the silvery glow of a rising moon, this new painting is an enchanting journey of evening discoveries and abstracted revelations.  Blending his own classic elements against a star-studded night sky, Ford ventures beyond.  He bestows life-like emotion to the luminescent tree, who coaxes the moon to rise with radiant encouragement. It's scattered red boughs are coolly offset by the strong trunk and beckoning branches of a thousand incandescent colors as the delicate roots tickle the glowing earth.  

The chaotic harmony of his splash technique, combined with the steady, structured movement in the dashes of abstracted reflections is a contrast of elements, both soothing and stimulating your eyes and mind. 

See and believe.

Ready to exhibit.  Gallery wrapped with 1.5" black painted sides. 

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