The View 24x30

When your view is a veil of misty clouds beneath the wonder of the Blue Ridge mountains and surrounded by a riot of autumn colors, it's an unforgettable experience.  It's a view you'll want to keep close in mind and call upon at will.  Ford was inspired by a collector friend who wanted to do exactly that with her home in the mountains that he had the opportunity to visit.  She was curious to see how her favorite artist might interpret "the view" that she holds so close to her heart.  

Ford approached this project on an intrinsic level, allowing his imagination to guide him from actual memories.  He allowed the buoyant feeling of a home above the clouds to infuse his entire process, expressing an abstracted, lofty, spheric scene that beautifully translates the emotion of the experience.  The clouds are trees, the trees are clouds... and see how Ford calls upon his earliest inspiration, Van Gogh, to affect the breezy, sweeping sky of bright yellows and cornflower blues.  

"The View" was never on the market, but we thought it was a special painting that should be shared with others who love and appreciate Ford's paintings and his inspirations.  

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