Spheres of Influence 24x30 - Ford Smith Fine Art

Spheres of Influence 24x30

In this ground-breaking new series with a defined surreal bend, Ford offers the viewer a 360 degree viewing experience.  Shining, floating orbs reflect the other side of the world he's conjured.  Imagine you could stand inside the painting, looking out at the artist against a bright blue sky, signature red trees and billowy clouds.  Imagine the artist himself taking you on a guided tour through the world he's created, showing you all the perspectives of his universe.  

"Spheres of Influence" is a 24"x30" original painting that resonates classic Ford Smith expressionism and dreamily introduces this mirrored and surreal episode.    

SPECIAL NOTICE! Blue Chip stocks do it, and so will fine art. In this spirit of the times when the art industry has essentially closed outside of online exhibits, we are temporarily issuing this glorious new original painting as a special buying opportunity.


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