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Prismatic Dusk 72x84

If you love the emotion generated by Ford’s latest masterpiece online, imagine what it’s like to stand in front of this magnificent 6 ft by 7 ft work-of-art in person.

“Prismatic Dusk”, original painting by Ford Smith (72”x84”) possesses a compelling—even spiritual—quality as the intricate forest scene shifts with the calming, iridescent palette. “Prismatic Dusk” was almost a year in the making, as Ford chose to create this painting on a schedule inspired by mood alone, filling every square inch with impressive, complex and unhurried details. All together and all at once, they are magic.  

At first glance, you might not notice the very subtle reds, delicately and strategically peppering the cool, tranquil scene.  Greens radiate into blue, fading into gold skies, with wispy clouds scudding behind the winter trees, each one a singular testament to Ford's patient skills and vivid imagination.   

This is the first painting he’s done directly on board, achieving a smooth, flowing effect upon the surface and an easy precision on finer details.  "Prismatic Dusk" is constructed on solid wood with 4" deep, black painted sides and ready to exhibit.

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