All the Love 36x36 - Ford Smith Fine Art

All the Love 36x36

“All the Love” is a new commissioned original painting by Ford Smith (36x36) and a stunningly beautiful departure into the Abstract realm. It’s been almost two decades since he delved into this art movement, as his focus moved almost exclusively to expressionist landscapes. But these longtime collectors trusted Ford to further abstract his own style of painting with a pastel palette, and the result is this outstanding work, layered with laconic acrylics, glass beads and dreamy, phantasmagoric shapes, dripping and blending with creative elements both subtle and bright. “All the Love” was instantly loved by the collector and is a testament to Ford’s vast talent, imagination, and abilities as one of the world’s top artists. 

Given the response from this remarkable painting, don't be surprised to see more from Ford Smith's abstract period soon...

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