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Classic Prints & Gifts

FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEKEND!  This is a really big deal--especially for large art!  Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 23 & 24, 2019

Art for everyone has arrived with this new collection of Classic Prints... SHOP HERE on this custom-designed website for Ford Smith Fine Art Classic Prints.

We are liberating these rarely-seen, mostly vintage paintings from the archives and sharing them as affordable art options.  Now you can stroll through a retrospective gallery of over 60 brilliant, rediscovered works by Ford Smith and live with the art you love. 


These paintings deserve it!  We recently catalogued images of Ford's paintings over the past 20 years and realized how many amazing ones haven't been seen since the original was acquired.  With only a few Ford Smith limited edition releases each year, far too many beautiful works were never seen by the general public, which is sad for recent devotees and the thousands of collectors and fans who would love an opportunity to appreciate--and possibly own--a rendition of these milestone paintings. 

How are they different from limited editions?

They are very different.  Each Classic Print is produced by an associate printer and shipped directly to you, so unlike our limited editions, they are untouched by the artist.  

Classic Prints are decorative, museum-quality giclees, unsigned and unembellished with no limit on production and in customizable sizes that arrive on your doorstep ready to exhibit!  

All of this makes them perfect for more limited art budgets, second homes, rental properties, corporate environments, offices, gifts, guest rooms, smaller spaces, larger spaces or just for YOU because you love that painting so much!  Click HERE and visit the gallery today!

Which ones will you choose? 

Have fun looking around on this state-of-the-art website designed exclusively for Ford Smith Classic Prints and Gifts.  There are options to view close-ups, see scale as well as choosing sizes and printing on canvas, metal, paper, acrylic and wood.  It's a lot of fun to explore, we promise.  

We hope you SHARE THE LINK and spread this exciting news!   

Most images have the ability to allow you a close-up preview so you don't miss one brushstroke before buying (some of the older paintings weren't available for this viewing option, but don't worry, they will be gorgeous, too). 


The products for this page are found on the safe and exclusive Pixels/Ford Smith Fine Art website.  CLICK HERE 



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