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New! Make An Offer Button on Originals

by Cristi Smith September 12, 2019

New!  Make An Offer Button on Originals

Now everyone can negotiate the best price without having to be in the gallery.  

For some time now, we've observed websites of international fine art galleries and auction houses to see how they're managing global fine art collectors of original paintings.  Almost all of them have installed Make an Offer buttons for original art, making the website acquisition more equal to an in-person gallery one.  Because we recognize the importance of internet art sales in a fast-growing, global economy, we knew it was time to provide the same opportunity for Ford Smith fans everywhere.   

Almost every savvy collector is aware that negotiations are standard in the fine art industry--usually occurring in a face-to-face gallery setting. The allowance varies from piece to piece, and not on every painting, but special deals are made every day inside the walls of most galleries.  

There are many reasons for special pricing consideration including the relationship a gallery has with a collector, or the length of time a painting has been on the market.  The gallery might want to refresh it's inventory or perhaps one painting is more of an outlier in a series.  A gallery owner may accept a better price because he or she is in a good mood and wants to make a sale.  

The internet has created opportunities for art aficionados to view works from artists all over the world.  As such, most collectors have to make their acquisitions from computers, often wondering if they're leaving money on the table. This button helps answer that question while actively engaging the collector with their acquisition.

Online art sales have been on a rapid increase and there's no turning back. It is where our industry is headed. The trend will only increase as online galleries become better and better at managing the art patron experience.   

Ford Smith is a local artist in Atlanta, but he is also an internationally-acclaimed artist who sells paintings worldwide.  We want to take care of all our clients at the highest level, and this is just the latest example. 

Don't forget!

If you're in Atlanta or live near a representing gallery in the United States, we still want to see you!  Ford Smith Fine Art operates a private, by-appointment-only studio gallery in Atlanta, hosting one or two major shows a year for collectors, and one or two pop-up galleries for the public.  You also might find Ford at a show of a representing gallery.  We cherish our visits with collectors and fans, but can't be everywhere all at once, so we hope you enjoy this new addition to our website experience.   

Click the button and find your painting...

Your friend in art,

Cristi Smith


Cristi Smith
Cristi Smith


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